IR33 platform

Carel IR33 platformRepresents the maximum that CAREL technology has to offer in the field of applications for refrigeration. The four base versions (12Vac, 12/24Vac/dc, 230Vac and 115/230Vac) give rise to a vast range of products in different configurations. One particularly innovative version is the 115/230Vac model with built-in switching  power supply, 4 relays and clock, all in the same size as the current ir32 range. For manufacturers CAREL offers the 230Vac version: more compact than the other versions, with a more essential configuration and consequently more competitive in terms of price. The 12Vac and 12/24Vac/dc models represent the evolution of the ir32 series and are designed, due to their similarity, to be their natural replacement. The operating logic follows the same lines, and the appearance reflects a number of the same characteristics, however the functions have been enhanced: the changeover from the previous range to the new version is thus simple and beneficial. Most of the models are fitted with a 16A (3/4 Hp) relay for controlling the compressor.

Manual: IR33 platformIR33 UniversaleIR33 programming.